We provide a wide range of accounting services for small and medium sized private enterprises, non-profit and charitable organizations, and individual clients.

A. Bookkeeping services

Our bookkeeping services are performed in accounting softwares such as QuickBooks, Sage 50 and ACCPAC Plus.

A. Payroll-related services

  • We prepare and file T slips such as T3, T4, T5 and T4A and record of employment.
  • We provide payslips, calculate and pay payroll taxes to CRA on-line on behalf of clients.
  • We prepare and report periodic WSIB remittances.

A. GST/HST filings

We file periodic GST/HST returns and send GST/HST remittances on-line to CRA on behalf of clients.

B. Preparation of Financial Statement
(Compilation Services)

We prepare interim and year-end financial statements when they are requested by various parties such as business owners, lenders, government, and stakeholders.


We provide timely preparation of quality financial information to small and medium sized companies including international enterprises that strive to establish in the Canadian markets.

A. Audit engagement

B. Review engagement


We prepare corporate and personal tax returns and offer helpful advice and resolve the taxation issues.

  • Personal Income Tax Returns (T1) We accept on-line submission of personal income tax information.
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns (T2)
  • Preparation of NR4, NR6 and Income Tax Returns for Electing under Section 216 to non-resident rental property owners
  • Application of Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP)
  • Application of Section 116 Certificate of Compliance for non-resident rental property owners
  • On-line remittances of Non-resident Withholding Taxes to CRA We act as a Canadian agent to non-resident clients and manage non-resident withholding taxes and file non-resident income tax returns.
  • Taxation of Foreign Income and Disposition of Foreign Assets
  • Resolving Tax Reviews and Audits by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Tax Planning to minimize Personal and Business Taxes
  • Preparation of Registered Charity Information Returns (T3010)
  • Supporting Charities and Non-Profit Organizations that are audited by CRA
  • Application of HST New residential Rental Property Rebate


  • Set up Business Number Program Accounts
  • Incorporation and Dissolution of Corporation
  • Business Name Registration
  • Consultation on Purchase and Sale of Businesses and Investment Real Properties
  • Preparation of Business Plan and Forecast Cash Flow Statements


  • Preparation of personal income tax returns (T1) CRA may require evidence of world income before clients become residents of Canada.
  • Application of Canada Child Benefits (CCB)

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